There are a number of ways to brew and enjoy fresh coffee. Each process brings out slightly different qualities in the coffee being used.  Experiment until you find one that appeals to your palate.


We recommend 8.5 grams to 150 ml of water. This approximates 1 tablespoon per cup. 

Note: Grinding coffee just before brewing is optimal. Ground coffee oxidizes quickly. Purchasing a grinder is a great step towards improving your coffee experience. Call us to discuss inexpensive grinder options for plunger, stovetop and drip-filter coffee. 


	.	1. Start by boiling the kettle. The ideal temperature for plunger brewing is between approximately 90-94C.  Leaving the boiled water to cool slightly, gives you time to grind, get your cups and coffee ready.

	.	2. Add 8.5 grams / 150 ml or 1 tablespoon per cup to the plunger. The grind should be coarse.

3. Pour the water over the coffee, stir gently and allow to steep for about 3 minutes.

3A. If a 3 minute brew time is not strong enough, allow your plunger to brew to 4 - 4:30 minutes.  If this does not provide strong enough coffee do not brew for a longer amount of time. Add more coffee at step 2 (see above).  Extending the brewing time beyond 4:30 minutes, can extract bitter and undesirable flavours in the cup.

	.	4. Press down on the plunger slowly.

5. Only brew as much as your require.


When adding coffee to the supplied basket, tap the basket on the bench to settle the grind in the basket. It is also important when you see the coffee begin to come though the spout to remove the heat.  The built up pressure should push the rest of the water through.


Once again brew what will be consumed straight away.  Leaving coffee on the hot plate for an extended period is not a good idea.  


An important aspect of all the above techniques is to always keep all your equipment clean.  Old grounds can influence the taste of your coffee.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding any of the above techniques or any questions about coffee.